Hydraulic lifting systems

The Ergoswiss lifting system is a single-action hydraulic system.  It consists of cylinders, linear units or table legs, each driven by a hydraulic pump. Connected by flexible tubings it works precisely and completely synchronous. The system is driven by a hand crank or an electric drive unit.

Our hydraulic lifting systems are used for height adjustable workplaces in industry, assembly, machinery and furniture manufacturing, as well as other areas.

Configurate a lifting system according to your wishes in the configurator and receive an offer immediately.


Compact and high-power pumps are at the heart of our adjustment systems. These lift up to 10 cylinders completely in sync.



Our pumps can be operated with a hand crank or an electric drive unit. Your choice will depend on customer needs.


Linear Units

The linear units, consisting of a cylinder and a linear guide, can be attached to existing objects or installed in mold tubes.


Table legs

The table legs are versatile. They are available separately or as a complete table base.



The cylinders are designed for installation in existing guides. They serve simply as a drive element.


Lifting Castors

The lifting castor system consists of 4 castors with hydraulic driven levelling feet.