For standing desks & height-adjustable office tables

The table base frames FB and FC are perfect for height adjustable office tables, sitting and standing desks, call center tables and simple packing tables. They are set up in a few minutes. Move your height adjustable table with a a remote control from a normal desk position to a standing table. A big plus: You can mount your preferred table top on it.

We thought of everything

Eliminate the mess underneath your height adjustable table and store the cables inside our cable channel. Use our PC holder, so that you won’t accidentally hang your PC while driving the table up.

The following accessories are available

  • PC Holder
  • Cable channel
  • Cable duct

Product description

Technical dates

  • max. system load 100 kg
  • max. dyn. bending moment 200 Nm
  • Stroke length 660 mm (600-1260mm)
  • Stroke speed 40 mm/s
  • Dimensions outer profile 90x60mm
  • Plate length 1200 - 2000
  • Plate depth 700 - 1200
  • Colour: RAL 7001 silver or RAL 7016 anthracite powder coated
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