Specific questions concerning the spindle lift systems of Ergoswiss

Spindle lift systems: 1500kg (see System Combination Table)

Spindle lift systems: 400mm (SNT 700mm) see System Combination Table

You will find all details in our brochure "Spindle lift system" on the website. Please note, that custom lengths are possible on request.

Catalogue spindle lifting system EN-US

Downloads assembly-, instruction manuals and product documents (ergoswiss.com)

The spindle lift system is available with pushbutton drive (motor). We only offer the option with hand crank for hydraulic lift systems. We do not offer the hand crank option for the spindle lift system.

Yes, you can expand the system with up to 3 controllers (12 lifting elements).

Yes, after the lift system is installed you must perform an initial commissioning. The instructions for this can be found in the operating manual (Spindle Lift System).

That is different with every spindle lift variant. You can find the data in the operating manual under "Switch-ON duration monitoring". Guide value: 2 min running time / 18 min pause.

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