Specific questions concerning the hydraulic lift systems of Ergoswiss

Service kit "No Tox" (Art. No.: 113.00008-PP)

Yes, as an alternative to the standard oil, we also offer a food compatible hydraulic lift system oil (No Tox). This oil satisfies the requirements of the FDA Regulations CFR 178.3570.

Hydraulic lift systems = 800kg (see System Combination Table)

Reset force per lifting element 14xx: 1.5 kg * (hose length in metres) + 6 kg
Reset force per lifting element 18xx: 2.5 kg * (hose length in metres) + 5 kg

· too little reset force
· lift system is blocked by an obstacle
· defective hand crank or pump

Hydraulic lift systems = 700mm (see System Combination Table)

You will find all details in our brochure "Hydraulic Lift Systems" on the website. Please note, that custom lengths are possible on request.

Catalogue hydraulic EN-US

Downloads assembly-, instruction manuals and product documents (ergoswiss.com)

The options hand crank and pushbutton drive (motor) are available.

Yes, if you have a pump with a "W" designation, this is possible.

If you don't have a pump with a "W" designation, please contact our Aftersales Team, so that we can provide you with the right coupling for the conversion.

Yes, you can synchronize max. 4 pumps (40 lifting elements).
· Pump PA: 1-2 lifting elements
· Pump PF: 3-4 lifting elements
· Pump PB: 5-10 lifting elements

· Pump PA: 1-2 lifting elements
· Pump PF: 3-4 lifting elements
· Pump PB: 4-10 lifting elements

If the pumps are provided with motor drive, up to 4 pumps can be synchronized with each other. In the case of a PB Pump with 10 lifting elements, as a result one comes to 40 lifting elements.

Attention: With the hand crank one can control max. 10 lifting elements.

The max. system pressure is designed for 100 bar.

No, the system is supplied already vented. Consequently the hoses are completely filled with oil.

R ≥ 25mm. The hoses must be protected from external influences and must not be buckled.

Yes, after the lift system is installed you must perform an initial commissioning. The instructions for this can be found in the operating manual (hydraulic lift systems).

Operating instruction Motor unit type D - compact

Downloads assembly-, instruction manuals and product documents (ergoswiss.com)

The control software has been programmed, so that at both positions (above and below) half a revolution is deducted (max. nominal stroke 20mm). As a result a crash is prevented at the block position. With the hand crank option this is not however the case.

The hydraulic lift system hoses do not have to be the same length and therefore you can also shorten them.

Recommendation: Hoses as short as possible, because of the reset force.

Every lifting element has its own oil circuit and therefore an exact synchronization of the legs is guaranteed.

With a single-acting system one always requires a reset force (not necessary with the spindle solution), in order to retract the cylinder. As a result the oil is pressed back in the pump and the lifting element travels back.

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