The flexible solution for work and assembly tables – With T-Slots on all four sides

The spindle lifting system is used for assembly tables, in assembly systems, for mechanical engineering, height adjustable beds and massage tables.

The elegant spindle lifting column  SK can be used to create ergonomic workstations for different areas, where high flexibility is required. Our powerful battery solution is the perfect addition to make these workstations flexible and mobile. The 24V control unit is powered by a rechargeable battery, which enables uninterrupted operation. Thanks to this technology, the application is no longer tied to the power sockets and the workstation can be adapted entirely to the customer's needs and requirements. In this way, we create further optimization options that increase productivity.

The column SK consists of two extruded aluminium profiles with a plain anodised finish, guided by plastic gliders. Each column has an internal motor that drives the threaded spindles. These are driven synchro-nously by the control box. Up to 12 lifting columns can be connected.

The difference to the familiar SL lifting column is that there are T-Slots (mounting grooves) on all four sides (width 8 mm), which allow crossbars, intermediate shelves, attachments and superstructures to be fitted along the entire length of the electric lifting column. The SK spindle lifting column can also be used to create complete table bases.

The SK lifting column can be combined with the SL and SM lifting columns.

The following accessories are available:

  • Telescopic crossbars
  • Table feet with adjusting screws
  • Fote plates
  • Angle backet
  • Castors


Lifting systems with spindle drive "SL - SM - SQ"

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