Productivity and health

A conscientious entrepreneur ensures long-term growth and competitiveness through innovation and productivity. All modern industrial concerns are therefore obliged to design their work stations so that employees can carry out their work in a healthy environment to guarantee the highest possible level of productivity. The height adjustment of workbenches or factory equipment therefore plays a key role in achieving a sustained level of high productivity and in maintaining the health of employees.

Ergoswiss systems deliver simple and cost-effective solutions for all work stations requiring height adjustment. From the 2-leg laboratory bench to the 4-leg workbench or the 10-leg conveyer facility, our flexible lifting systems can either be easily retrofitted or fully integrated into your own system.

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Height adjustment applications:

  • Workbenches
  • Assembly benches
  • Measuring tables
  • Aluminium profile systems
  • Steel pipe systems
  • Packing tables
  • Laboratory benchese
  • Watchmaker benches
  • Joiner's benches
  • Control desks
  • Sewing tables
  • Flow boxes
  • Electrical assembly benches
  • Sand blasting units
  • Sanding and polishing tables
  • Tool and gear trucks
  • Conveyer systems
  • etc.