2021     New sales partner for Bavaria
      Third webshop for USA customers
2020     ISO 9001 Certified
    New production hall for spindle lifting systems
    Second webshop for EU customers
2019     Foundation of Ergoswiss America Inc. in Chicago
    Ergoswiss celebrates its 20th company anniversary (approx. 40 employees)
2018     Redesign of the Ergoswiss website and configurator in DE, EN, NL, ES, PL, IT
    Sales start of the spindle lifting system SE
2017     Foundation of Ergoswiss GmbH Germany in Metzingen with 5 employees and Ergoswiss France SAS in Vertaizon
      Introduction of the spindle lifting systems SLA and SLG
      Beginning with the rebuilding of the production hall and office space
2016     Foundation of Ergoswiss Holding in Widnau
      Introduction of the spindle lifting system SM, hydraulic lifting system TL and the lifting castor
2015     Market launch of spindle lifting system SL
2014     First manufacture of spindle lifting systems ST
      Ergoswiss celebrates its 15th company anniversary
2013     Distribution partners in Croatia and Canada
      Introduction of the systems TQ and TU
2011     Launch of the system TT
2010     Move to new office space
      Introduction of the table systems FB and FC
2009     Doubling of production space in Widnau
      Launch of the system TS for bed adjustment
    First webshop for Switzerland
2008     Distribution partners in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Korea
2007     Distribution partners in the USA and Hungary
2006     Introduction of a 3D-CAD system
2004     Distribution partner in Sweden
      Launch of the TA system
2002     Foundation of Ergoswiss BeNeLux in Amersfoort (2021 -> 5 employees)
2001     Distribution partners in Italy and the UK
2000     Distribution partners in the Netherlands, Switzerland and France
1999     Foundation of Ergoswiss with 2 employees