Universal, high-class workmanship

Almost a third of all absenteeism at work and a large share of the costs in health care are caused by incorrect sitting postures. With height-adjustment systems from Ergoswiss, employees enjoy optimum protection against physical injuries, particularly back problems, even during prolonged periods of work.

An ergonomically adjusted workplace

  • reduces fatigue amongst employees
  • reduces the risk of injuries
  • increases motivation
  • improves productivity by up to 15 percent


An Ergoswiss system thus pays for itself within a few months. The constant further development of our products and their considerable flexibility allow their use in a permanently growing number of applications.


A high degree of experience, high-tech development tools as well as motivated employees guarantee that the products and systems from Ergoswiss set new standards in quality and precision.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the specific design of a workplace so that the person working there feels good and his or her health enjoys optimum protection