Diversity and operating efficiency

The competitiveness of most industry sectors is mainly dependent on product costs and product quality. It is therefore important to use expensive production lines in a variety of ways while at the same time boosting the productivity of workers. The Ergoswiss systems not only adjust work surfaces to the ideal working height for each employee, they can also regulate the working height of entire production lines, machines, conveyor belts or platforms in a matter of seconds.

Having adjustable work surfaces and equipment on the basis of Ergoswiss products means you can use industrial equipment more efficiently. The ergonomic work stations also reduce worker fatigue and so boost productivity. Existing work stations, machines, production lines or platforms can be retrofitted quite simply and cost effectively with the Ergoswiss height adjustment systems.

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Height adjustment applications:

  • Machine covers
  • Conveyer systems
  • Runways
  • Working platforms
  • Welding benches
  • Sand blasting units
  • Cleaning tables
  • Tool-setting tables
  • Measuring tables
  • etc.