Flexible and powerful a single column for control room workstations or monotables

The new SNT single column is characterized by its high-precision and stability, which is made possible by specially bonded profiles.

With a stroke length of up to 700 mm and a short installation length of
560 mm, the SNT single column brings a new dimension of flexibility. Thanks to the new guide technology, which enables minimal frictional forces, a very low noise level is guaranteed. The column is also characterized by its high stability thanks to its geometry.

The SNT three-stage single column consists of three anodized aluminum profiles, which are guided by a patented assembly and guide process. Up to 4 lifting columns can be connected to one SCT control box and operated synchronously.

T-Slots on 2 sides (width 6 mm) allow the attachment of trusses, clipboards, attachments and superstructures along much of the leg.

The SNT single column is suitable for height adjustment of industrial workstations, small tables, control room workstations, etc.

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