Maximum precision for applications with high load capacities

The new SN lifting column is characterized by its high-precision and stability, which is made possible by specially bonded profiles.

The SN lifting column is characterized by its precise geometry, high stability and high load capacity (up to 3,000 N).

The SN lifting column features a unique, patented, guide system. The inner profile is moved by an internal spindle drive. Up to 4 columns can be connected to one control box and operated synchronously.

T-Slots on 2 sides (width 6 mm) allow mounting on the entire length of the leg traverses, intermediate shelves, attachments and superstructures.

The SN lifting column is suitable for height adjustment of industrial workstations, smaller tables,

control room workstations, assembly tables, assembly systems and podiums. It also covers various applications in specialized furniture and mechanical engineering.

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